Video Trailers

Video trailers and clips from some of our past projects.

Promotional video for fund-raising on indiegogo for Predatory Moon (2013)

Behind-the-scenes of Predatory Moon. Mel and Duckie decide to add more "drama" to their scene. (April 2013)

More behind-the-scenes of Predatory Moon. Fun with Duckie and Mel on Day One of shooting. (April 2013)

"Intervention" - 3 minute short film (2010)

Psycho Chicks Anonymous movie trailer (2010)

"Taser" - Short skit done as a joke during the filming of Psycho Chicks Anonymous (2010)

Trailer for "Interview", a short film. (2009)

"Bleeding Hearts", a joke PSA commercial using clips from "Monster Safari, Episode One" (2008)

Trailer for the short film "Scene" (2008).

Promotional video for "Steel Beauties" combat show. (2000-2002)